testimionials wave“The first treatment I had from Catherine was in 1999 at Dreamtime in Coopers Landing, Alaska. I had had massages before but never experienced the depth of healing as I did that late September morning 10 years ago. I have since traveled to see Catherine in other states, bringing people with me to experience her polarity therapy. I also have hosted Catherine in my home many times, scheduling clients for her as she works out of my house. She has quite a following in East Lansing, Michigan! My husband had his first treatment from Catherine last year. We now refer to that as “the floating head” experience. He says he has never in his life been so relaxed–he felt his head floating. We only wish we got to see Catherine more often…we both are hooked on her body treatments!” Love, Lois Mummaw and Gregg Hill

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517.242.1126, loismummaw.myshaklee.com

“Giving birth to severely premature babies was a most traumatic experience for me. Some people can sail through it, but I did not. The daily stress of watching impossibly small babies enduring painful treatments, during their three month stay in hospital, put me into a pattern of constant worry and anxiety. I was fragmented and almost in a state of PTSD.

In subsequent years, even though the children developed and grew normally, I was unable to shake off this exhausting pattern. I worried about everything; their small size, their eating habits, their grades. When they became teenagers I worried about their safety, their judgement.

When I met Catherine Nicholas , she recognized this. Along with a top quality massage, Catherine offers something more; something deeper. More spiritual. During our first treatment something shifted in me. I could see and feel all the divine protection that surrounds my children and for the first time I was able to totally let go. The peace and calm I felt during that first treatment, has never left me.

I have worked with very many bodyworkers in Alaska but not with the same results. Catherine was able to access something different in me and the changes were profound and long lasting with a big impact on my family life.”  – Jacqueline G

“I would like to endorse the work of Catherine Thundercloud Nicholas. I have experienced her work first hand and found her to be extremely talented and knowledgeable. Catherine is very intuitive in her work and great strides can be made emotionally and physically in a short series of her treatments. Additionally I sent clients Catherine’s way often as I found her treatments to be perfect in conjunction with talk therapy creating a flow of movement and healing that reduced resistance and increased efficacy significantly. I would recommend her to clients family and friends alike and have no hesitation to recommend her to you.”  – Robin McAllistar, Counselor, McAllistar Counseling, 152 West Bayview, Homer Ak 99603, 907-756-0010

“It feels like heaven when she’s working on me.” – Susan Luce, LMT

“I have worked with Catherine Thundercloud Nicholas in my chiropractic offices for nearly 18 years in various locals in Alaska. Her work is truly remarkable, as many patients, as well as myself, will affirm. With the polarity treatment and gentle massage, along with energy work that lacks any comparison I know of, people are transformed and experience a state which many have forgotten existed. I recommend her treatments to anyone, and she is sorely missed up here in the North.” – Dr. Sandra Valsvil

“I have been trying for some time to express my thoughts regarding my polarity experience with Catherine Thundercloud Nicholas. I truly felt that my husband, who passed away twelve years ago, was by my side and I was surrounded by his words of support, love and encouragement. The only way I can describe it was as a truly spiritual experience. I went into it with an open and trusting heart and was rewarded ten fold.” – Nancy G.

“I had the pleasure of experiencing a Dreamtime Therapy treatment by Catherine Thundercloud Nicholas. I was apprehensive and told Catherine that I was looking forward to an experience that would be moving and memorable based on her enthusiasm and energy. It was all that and more. It was emotional and cleansing…. To this day, two months later I still reflect back on what happened and lovingly and gratefully thank Catherine from the deepest part of my soul for this experience.” –Heather Walton

“I have been a massage therapist for 17 years and have received massages for over 30 years now, all over the world. I have never experienced the energy and flow of anyone quite like Catherine. Her work transcends the body and spirit connection like no other. She truly has magic hands that melt oneself into total relaxation. She totally makes you feel at ease and completely comfortable, mentally and physically.” – Anya

“I have known Catherine for almost 20 years and have received treatments from her for almost as long. She has evolved from a great masseuse to a powerful healer who offers us a chance to truly heal on all levels; spiritual, emotional and physical, through her touch and wisdom.” – Susan J. Crowley R.N.