Catherine has been a practicing Polarity Therapist for more than 20 years.


Her work has taken her all across the state of Alaska from Kodiak, Nome, Cooper Landing, Homer and Anchorage and throughout the United States.

She has also taught Polarity Therapy and Massage at the University of Alaska’s Northwest Campus in Nome as well as lecturing for the State of Alaska Education System and the Center for Wellness Massage School in Albany, New York. She has performed more than eight thousand treatments in these communities.

Catherine is a certified Polarity Therapist, having studied under Maurti Siedman of Boulder Colorado for fifteen years.


Polarity Therapy was first created by Dr. Randolph Stone, Doctor of Osteopathy, Naturopathy and a Chiropractor.



For over 60 years Dr. Stone travelled around the world
studying ancient healing techniques, including Acupuncture, Herbology, Eastern Massage, Foot Reflexology, Shiatsu Massage and Zone Therapy.

Polarity Therapy is a holistic system which promotes deep relaxation and rejuvenation by balancing the body’s energy.